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Today , under the able leadership of our young and dynamic Managing Director , Mr. Sanjay Jain , Interstate Oil Carrier Ltd.  is marching ahead strongly.


India has emerged as the fastest growing economy today and even crossed over the mighty Chinese in the GDP growth race . The country is now in the midst of the massive infrastructural growth drive and with the “Make in India” drive of the Indian Government taking exponential leaps , industrial and infrastructural growth is going to skyrocket . Transportation is a direct function to GDP growth of a country and therefore is going to play a very important role in this huge growth movement.  As an integral part of that movement we believe that efficient and innovative transportation is the need of the hour and we are inclined and dedicated towards providing optimum transport solutions in line with the same .


Efficiency is the key in our business and therefore our Managing Director’s focus has been to drive dynamic and intelligent changes in the ways of working and adopting  modern Operational and Management techniques to drive a thoroughly optimised supply chain with a total cost management model .This has and will continue to  create scopes for innovative developments whether it is GPS trackers for the mobile assets(Tankers) or investing into introduction of modern state of the art  AC driver cabin inducted Tankers into its fleet and would propel  reduction in  transit times and hence generation of additional revenue and tap lost sales , attract new Customer Accounts , open new network corridors , reduce idle fleet time and hence costs and increase trip turns etc.