Inter State Oil Carrier Limited

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our approach

We believe that our Customer's satisfaction is our primary earning. 

We are patient listeners to our Customer's voice and needs . We keep aside all preconcived notions for a true, unbiased and uninfluenced diagnosis to define the apt problem-opportunity statement and then screen out the right parameters to measure and analyse the problem. 

Our resources then don the right hats to find out the appropriate models viz. fish bone diagrams, pareto analysis, affinity diagrams etc. to document the cause and effects related to the areas of concern. This is followed by defining the optimum solution route which is then implemented and periodically tested to control and deliver desired results. 

Be it our customer development team or our regular Operations team or our business support functions like Finance, Maintenance etc., we are firmly focussed on delivering our goods and commitments on time and therefore indulge in implementation of modern management tools. Other than resource development programs for our management and operations execution teams, we conduct various forms of training programs for our Drivers whom we consider the prime movers in this business and therefore need thorough knowledge and awareness development, not only in terms of safety but also in terms of product knowledge, cost optimisation and delivery focus. 

We urge like-minded people with similar or diverse professional expertise to come and join our movement as part of our team.