Inter State Oil Carrier Limited

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Interstate today is an unique effort committed to bring in a new taste in the ways-of-working to the bulk liquid transportation industry in the country. Our experienced and optimised resource pool, deep and diverse knowledge about sustainable supply chain models in bulk liquid logistics field to support high throughput End to End Supply Chain in diverse industry platforms viz. Paints & Coatings, Personal Care & Toiletries, Industrial Speciality, Construction Chemicals, Tyres, Consumer and White Goods, Foods & Oils etc., Supplier Relationships, Internal and External stakeholder behaviour, Financial control tools and frameworks, gained over 45 years of experience, gives us the confidence and expertise to provide sustainable solutions for bottlenecks and innovate new process routes to attain desired results in the core field of bulk liquid transportation with aplomb. 

We are people who have time and again tested ourselves against all odds and adverse conditions during our direct experience in running such business in days when road conditions were adverse and transport infrastructure and support functions were in nascent stages of development in this country. This makes us unique and different from the people and organisations who have only operated in short term stincts and provide short term solutions.We have always worked under strict and time bound scopes with our Customers and are skilled in rendering necessary outputs under strict delivery timelines without affecting output Service Quality. 

Interstate has taken steps to cement future growth by establishing a raft of safety initiatives, Fuel economies, more efficient operation, reduced TATs and developing systems delivering sustainability. 

We are organised, passionate, noncompromising people who pledge to walk the extra mile to leave an everlasting impression on the Customer's mind. We are the GO-TO PEOPLE for your needs in the area of our expertize. Trust us and we will deliver.

"We liquidate your liquid movement Challenges"