Inter State Oil Carrier Limited

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our unique selling points

  • We have a 45 year old legacy and experience in bulk liquid transport Industry.
  • We are passionate at work.
  • Trained & Experienced driver pool handling owned tanker assets.
  • We are non-Compromising and committed to Service delivery excellence . We have always worked under strict timelines.
  • Experience of successfully setting up bulk liquid transportation solution frameworks in multiple and diverse businesses platforms.
  • We have a wide service route network and are on the way to become a real trans country route operator .Therefore we are most likely to hit the best economies of scale standards against industry benchmarks.
  • Our strong human resource pool is a mix of people who have worked up from grass-root in this industry or have come and joined us at different level from Other Industries and therefore have come in with new and different ways of thinking setting a right balance of diverse thoughts and expertise to deliver repeated and right solutions to customers.
  • We have experience in operating and growing along the whole cycle of the global digital change - from Manual workings to the world of ERP and Cloud Computing. So we have the bandwidth to fix both Orthodox and Modern business bugs.
  • We consider time as money.
  • We value the term "Customer is King".